The Incredibles 2 Cast Update: Syndrome To Return? Jack-Jack The New Mr. Incredible?

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One of the most adorable superhero families are back for another take at the big screen. A sequel to ?The Incredibles,? the best-loved animated movie of all time, is finally taking shape with a new release of the official logo of ?The Incredibles 2.? A whopping 11 years have passed since they released ?The Incredibles,? and know that Disney announced the sequel at the D23 expo, fans are becoming more and more restless to what will happen to everyone?s favorite family.

John Lasseter from Pixar was quoted in saying that director of ?Tomorrowland? Brad Bird will apparently come back for the sequel after initially being in charge of 2004?s ?The Incredibles,? posted by RealtyToday. ?[Brad Bird] has found a really great story. We?re just starting to develop it; he?s come back now after ?Tomorrowland,? Lasseter shared. ?We?re really excited about it, but I can?t say much more about that,? he added.

Jack-Jack the Villain

Rumors have also emerged that Syndrome will evidently come back to ‘The Incredibles 2’?cast?and become a mentor to every fan?s favorite baby, Jack-Jack. The cute baby of the Parr family will apparently be the main character of the sequel, according to RealtyToday. Revealed as John Jackson Parr, Jack-Jack will be all grown-up in the movie and rumors suggest that he will be siding with Syndrome and will eventually fight his family, shared by RealtyToday. Shown in the first ?Incredibles? movie, Jack-Jack was believed to have no powers until at the end of the movie where he surprisingly shows all kinds of superhero powers.

There are still no official announcements on the release date of ?The Incredibles 2? movie but hopefully the sequel will be released somewhere in 2017 or 2018, according to Movie News Guide. With such high expectations for the movie, we hope that Brad Bird will bring back the amazing charisma he had in making the first ?Incredibles.?


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