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The House and The House 2: Terrifying Click-and-Play Games

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Ever since The Ring came out, the shocked and terrified audience has become more and more demanding. It seems as if more and more people feel that giving themselves a legitimate scare constitutes a legitimate work-out. And although we do not yet have the scientific data to prove such a point, TheBitBag presents you with two online click-and-play games that are sure to give the players a good scare.

The House

Fancy yourself a brave investigator? We have a mystery for you. Try to see if you can figure out why a whole family is dead inside the house they used to live in. Sounds simple, yes? We agree. This is why Sinthai Studios added a little more difficulty to this one by making? it absolutely terrifying.

When a PG 13 Rating looks like this, you REALLY have to call mommy

When a PG 13 Rating looks like this, you REALLY have to call mommy

In this click-and-play, the user will have to click various items of the different rooms in the house to uncover clues about how each member of the family died. Each family member (or what remains of them) resides in each room you visit. The developers of this game made each discovery as horrifyingly rewarding as possible. Each click you make on a certain object of interest causes things to move, appear, fall out of place to uncover the next item you need to figure out. This means one has to think on top of wondering if something is going to come out of the shadows and frighten them.

Aside from the visuals, the game also uses sounds to inform you of things. A creaking floor, an open door, a dead kid running around the hall can be heard from the site. We recommend using your best earphones and biggest diapers for this one.

Unfortunately, there is no replay value in this gem of a find. It is easy to expect what happens next when one finishes the house. TheBitBag likes to think of this game as a wonderful tool to make sure your friends never have sleepovers with you in the future.

The House 2

Since the first one was such a big hit to guys who wanted to impress girls with their false bravery and manliness, Sinthai Studios released a sequel to this hit in 2010. The premise of the game remains the same. There is another family that had committed suicide in a house and you have been dared to enter and find out what happened to them.

Haven't you learned your lesson??

Haven’t you learned your lesson??

The five year difference in storytelling is evident in this one. New surprises await the new player. Even those who have already played the first part are still in for a surprise. It looks like the developers took out all the good parts from the first version and made them better.

Another highlight of this one is the music. An eerie succession of piano notes accompanies one?s travels into the house. TheBitBag guarantees this will play on infinite repeat in your head days after you?ve given up on finishing this one alone.

However, like its predecessor, this one houses no replay value as well. Once the game has been completed (if you ever do manage to complete it without soiling yourself), it loses its value.

The most wonderfully scary things about these games is that they are absolutely free. One just has to visit Sinthai Studios on the internet to start their pretend workout. If it’s a higher heartbeat rate introduced by slow piano pieces, these scary games are for you. Once you’ve finished them, TheBitBag advises you to show it off to your siblings and enjoy as they shriek the same way you did when you first played them.


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