The Highest Grossing Smartphones as of March 2016

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Have you ever had that feeling that your phone is too common? Or everyone else is using it but you don?t care anyway? The smartphone industry is currently so big that even the top brands are scared of losing their title. Surprisingly, not every ?top selling phone is made by a big-shot company known all over the world. Heck, even Chinese companies are currently competing for the top spot lately. I don?t mean that in a bad way, but consider this: Why buy a very expensive flagship phone when you can buy a phone with the same specs for less.

Many people still go for the top brands right now, but some people are currently satisfied with the lesser brands. Many of these phones mentioned were already famous to begin with. But a few are surprisingly unheard of by the common folk. The truth is though, these phones are the bomb! And they are currently selling like hotcakes! Is your phone on the list? Let?s find out.

1. Xiaomi Mi5: 14 million registration

The numbers of Mi5 registration is fantastic and actually not that surprising. Imagine you being a Chinese manufacturer, selling phones with top-of-the-line specs at half the price! Yes, they have 14 million registrations and it?s growing so fast it might even reach 20 million this month. After its release a few days ago, Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to dominate the lower-end category of smartphones in 2016. Everyone seems to like the idea of owning a $300 flagship that can compete with 700$ ones. This Chinese beast comes with 3GB RAM/64GB ROM, Snapdragon 820, 16MP camera and a beautiful 5.15 inch FHD display.

2. LG V10: 450,000 in 45 days and 10,000 units in one day

The LG V10 mobile sold a whopping 450,000 units in North America in 45 days and has sold more than 10,000 units in one day! LG has started to rise again as a mobile superstar when they introduced the LG G3. Now, they are more ambitious and creative with the introduction of the LG V10.

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