The Future Of Multitouch: More Than Just Zooming And Scrolling

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Pretty much everyone of us owns or owned a touch-screen device at some point. However, very few people take full advantage of its multitouch functionality. More often than not, users are limited to the usual zooming and scrolling. Perhaps, every now and then, a bit of doodling, but that is it. Unbeknownst to many, the multitouch technology is more than just that.

For example, Qeexo – a California-based company pioneering in multitouch technology – has released their patented FingerSense. FingerSense is a new type of software for multitouch screens that enables the device to sense what the user is using to interact with the screen. The device can know whether a finger pad, finger nail, knuckle, or a stylus is being used.

This opens up a whole new set of capabilities for multitouch.

In audition to FingerSense, the company also advertises their TouchTools. With TouchTools, users have access to a rich set of ?tools?, if you may, that they can use on their gadgets. The way these tools are used depends on how the user touches the screen. One tool, the magnifying glass, brings into play when the user touches the screen with four knuckles – mimicking holding a magnifying glass. Another cool tool is the measuring tape. If the user places his or her right hand?s index finger and thumb while with the left hand?s same fingers and extend them apart – sort of mimicking using a tape measure – a measuring tape will appear on the screen.

Multitouch Screen

According to Sang Won Lee, CEO of Qeexo:

?Seven years ago multi-touch devices went mainstream, revolutionizing the mobile industry. But other than ‘pinch and zoom,’?there haven?t been many compelling use cases for multi-touch until TouchTools. Combining multi-touch with innovations in machine intelligence, Qeexo created a much richer user experience.?

To get a feel of these features, watch the video below.


Fortunately, consumers won?t have to wait long for these new features to come out. Current smartphone, like the Huawei P9 and Honor 8, supports Qeexo?s FingerSense technology.

With the advancements in technology flooding the market, this could just be the beginning of something great.

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