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The Future is Now: Google Glass

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One of the many spectacular?inventions of man today. Google Glass.?

Do you still remember ?the ?70s, ?80s and ?90s when we asked ourselves ?what would it be like to live in the future? Will there be flying cars? GLASSES or watches that can almost do anything we want? For example use it as a phone?


Now there is! Not the flying car or watches though, but?Google Glass!

Ever wondered what it feels like to be in a sci-fi movie where everything is on voice command? Google Glass has it! Google made an announcement on April 2012 about ?Project Glass?. And everyone got excited.

Even I was excited when I first heard about this gadget. I mean, c?mon how can you not be, right?

The features of Google Glass are limited for now, but I bet they will develop it more in the future. Let?s just enjoy what Google has brought us on the table, shall we?

The specs ?is somewhat okay as a first release…. it has 5MP camera that can capture images in full color, 720p video recording ?that you can share or upload to YouTube or Google+ Hangout. The display on the other hand is not yet revealed. Google did mention though that it has an HD capability that is comparable to a 25? HD TV.

But the exciting feature of this device is that it is hands-free with a voice command. Imagine taking a picture, or record a video WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS, then activate it by using a command like ?Okay glass take a picture? or ?Okay glass record a video? Isn?t it cool?! I wish you could also say ?Beam me up scotty!?, and then ?be transported back into the Enterprise, but that?s just me I guess.

The device has a low battery life that lasts for one day or less if you use it frequently, but nonetheless, this is truly a must-have?gadget for sci-fi lovers out there.

I?ve seen a few articles, reviews and videos out there but this one really takes the cake.


Everybody wants to try Google Glass at least once in their life. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please leave a comment and subscribe for more Gaming and Tech news here at TheBitBag.

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