The Flash Spoilers: Doctor Alchemy?s Identity Revealed!

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The Flash Spoilers

Everyone?s lucky enough to have their favorite superhero have their own TV show. You get a series of great effects and twisted story lines that make you want to stay tuned to each episode. Even more, you get to see them weekly!

Now, if that isn?t enough for you, their newest episode is sick and if you want to avoid some sort of spoilers, then just stop reading this and move on with your life.

Who The Heck is Alchemy?

In the latest The Flash spoilers, fans will can look forward to the much-awaited revelation of Doctor Alchemy?s identity! Bet you didn?t see that one coming. ?

So who the hell is this Alchemy-dude? There have been a lot of speculations about Doctor Alchemy?s real identity. Meanwhile, the real die-hard fans and the annoying that-wasn?t-in-the-comic-book nerds already know exactly who he is. ?

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Obviously. Tom Felton plays Julian Albert in the Flash which makes him the prime and main suspect for the evil Doctor Alchemy. But is it really him? ?

The Flash Spoilers

Two Villains Would Be Making An Appearance

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Greg Berlanti said that Doctor Alchemy?s identity will definitely be divulged somewhere around the middle of this season. He also said that there will be a major four way crossover show that would need a set of superheroes to team up with *cough* Supergirl *cough*. ?

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There was a viral video that has been going around Facebook the other day regarding the TV shows Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow so it would most certainly be on the episode where we will be seeing two mighty villains as they make an appearance and destroy the heck out of people of whoever goes near them.

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