The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Should Viewers Expect New Major Characters?

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The Flash Season 3

A lot of viewers and fans can?t wait to see The Flash Season 3 this coming fall. The previous two seasons had been great for character build up like that of Cisco?s family. Other than the clashes between good and evil, maintaining the romance between characters has been highlighted aas well. ?Speculations like the introduction of Caitlin?s mother, the seriousness of the relationship between Barry and Irish West and other new major characters.

The Hall of Fame Magazine reports that Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg teased the probability of introducing Caitlin?s mother on The Flash Season 3. This may bring clashes between mother and daughter since both don?t meet eye to eye in a lot of aspects in life. This may also bring another issue between Barry and Caitlin?s mom. Putting into considering that the former had always had concerns with the parents of the some of the team members at S.T.A.R. Lab. They also note that another new character may appear and would keep prying into the secrets of Barry.

Game N Guide adds that The Flash Season 3 might see the the leveling up of the relationship between Barry Allen and Irish West. Candice Patton teases fans in an interview with Newsweek saying ?Fans are anxiously waiting to figure out if West/Allen has been erased. I think fans can rest assured we?ve established on this show, Barry and Iris have a relationship that?s destined. They?ll find each other on different timelines and multiverses.? However, another possible bummer is that Barry will yet again lose his powers as a repercussion of his decisions in the past.

More major characters will be introduced in The Flash Season 3 according to INQUISTR. The DC Extended Universe is making it big on the TV world as they will be introducing a major recurring character. Casting of the character is being done for Barry?s doppelganger but only a slightly older and geekier one, is intuitive and smart. This character is said to keep Barry?s ?hands full for the upcoming season. Another crossover of characters is said to appear yet again and will probably help out Barry in the battle against evil.

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