The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Killer Frost on a Rampage; Greg Grunberg’s Recurring Role

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The Flash Season 3

There?s definitely a lot to look forward to in Episode 7 of The Flash Season 3 as Caitlin discovers her inner ?cool? in the episode entitled Killer Frost. But what does that mean?

On the other hand, Greg Grunberg returns to the scene as a lawman, which is very much similar to his role in Heroes.

Caitlin Turned Cold?LITERALLY

The Flash Season 3 will feature Caitlin and her alter ego, unleashing her inner ?Killer Frost? while trying to protect Barry. All for good reason, right?

But like how Caitlin was warned by her mother about the consequences of her powers, her good intentions suddenly resulted into bad results. Like any other superhero with an immense amount of power, Caitlin was controlled by her metahuman self.

Killer Frost

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According to GameNGuide, as Caitlin?s alter ego completely took over herself, she tried searching for Doctor Alchemy, then ended up fighting with Cisco and Barry. She even tried to kidnap Julian, who got injured because of her powers!

And ?because it was Caitlin, Barry will be having a hard time figuring out whether or not he will use his powers against her.

Still, it?s not just Barry who?s fighting the Killer Frost. It?s quite obvious that Caitlin will try her best to defeat her biggest enemy so far– her self, but there?s still no assurance who will win the battle between the good Caitlin, and the bad Caitlin. Either ways, we?re all betting on her good side to win, right?

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Greg Grunberg as Tom Patterson

According to Mashable, Greg Grunberg will play the role of Detective Tom Patterson, a Central City Police Department Detective, who is dedicated to preserve peace in the city, and save it from any metahumans who will try to destroy it.

Though it?s still unclear whether or not Grunberg?s character will have powers, ?loads of people are still waiting for this possibility. Who doesn?t want some action, right?

In the meantime, fans can expect his comeback in the upcoming episode of The Flash Season 3 Episode 7, on November 22, 8:00 PM The CW.

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