The Flash Season 3: Savitar is Wally?

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Savitar, the so called ?God of Speed? debuted last night in The Flash?s season 3 episode 6, ?Shade?. Just when Barry Allen was about to capture Dr. Alchemy, a blue streak of light started bouncing around the room. It was only too late as Flash realized that it was Savitar running so fast, that nobody else could see him.

Though seemingly starting as a predictable episode as viewers thought Wally West would finally turn into Kid Flash, the expectations were reversed. After luring Alchemy into a trap with help of Wally West, Team Flash knocked out the crystal stone from the hands of the villain responsible for creating meta humans at will. However, Alchemy rightly warned ?You have no idea what?s about to begin.? That?s about when the Savitar descends and Wally, hoping to get powers, touches the crystal and promptly transforms into a cocoon.

So the question everybody has on their mind is who Savitar is and whether or not Wally has become the evil character.

Is Wally West Savitar?

Though the fast paced ending might have confused many, Wally West isn?t Savitar. Given the past trends of The Flash, Wally being Savitar may seem logical, but it certainly isn?t that way. In the episode, Barry notices the blue streak of light much before Wally transforms into a cocoon. So there is no way Wally West could have become the Savitar. iDigital Times claims that it actually wasn?t the first time we saw the character. He is the lightning streak that entered Iron Heights Prison and killed The Rival.

The question remains as to who Savitar is. According to his comic book origins, Savitar was an unnamed Cold War pilot selected to test an experimental supersonic jet. He became a speedster after a Speed Force-induced lightning struck his plane giving him powers.

He chose to name himself ?Savitar? after the Hindu god of motion. Unlike other speedsters, Savitar sought to learn the Speed Force and unlock secrets to new abilities. His powers included stealing speed from others and imbuing his human followers with speed which made him a cult leader.

Or Maybe it is Zoom?

the Flash Season 2, the Flash

In a rather crazy theory, iDigital Times says that it could turn out that Savitar is Zoom reincarnated. The article explains that with Flashpoint, anything is possible and Zoom may have survived the encounter with the time wraiths. Here?s what the article justified:

?Maybe because of Flashpoint, Zoom was able to escape from the speed force where Barry trapped him. It could also explain the extensive armor — Zoom face and skin disintegrated after his fateful encounter with Barry and the time wraiths last season. He?s probably not looking too good if he made it out alive. Also, when you?re traveling at the speed of light, cosmic armor is necessary.?

The Flash season 3 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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