The Flash Season 2 Episode Recap: Epic Season-ender Was Unexpected, Leaves Little Room Of Knowing What Will Happen Next (Spoiler)

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The Flash ended its second season with some non-stop suspense and exhilarating action. Nobody could have imagined a bittersweet ending for Barry Allen and his team of brainiacs. And to make things worse, the season finale gave us a parting gift that we don?t know if we should be grateful or not. But in any case, episode 6 ?Enter Zoom? is a worthwhile watch.

The Flash and Dr. Light

We last saw Dr. Light locked up in S.T.A.R. labs in the previous episode, but apparently, she escaped from her cell in an effort to return to Zoom. Dr. Light goes missing and Barry?s sweet talking her into drawing out Zoom didn?t even budge. Barry then takes another plan into action by asking the help of Linda Parks to impersonate Dr. Light to let Zoom think that the real Dr. Light has caught the Flash.

They thought the plan didn?t work when Linda threw the Flash?s emblem inside the breach, but Zoom surprisingly shows up after a while and kidnaps Linda. He takes her to S.T.A.R. labs where he tries to throw her off the roof but the Flash was able to catch her.

The Flash vs. Zoom

In the end, The Flash and Zoom eventually fight to the death with Zoom pummeling him to death. He parades the broken Flash around the town and makes his last stop at S.T.A.R. labs, where he displays Barry in front of his friends before killing him on the spot. Fortunately, Cisco was able to shoot Zoom with the anti-speed serum dart and stops him. Zoom was able to flee and let the Flash live.

Joe goes on a rage and tries to kill Wells, which he believes is the person responsible for Barry?s near death, but was stopped by Cisco when he reveals that Zoom has Wells? daughter after he touched him. All along Wells went to Earth 1 to get Barry?s help so he can rescue his daughter.

The Flash was able to recover but still has a problem to fix, he can?t feel his legs.

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