The Flash News & Updates: Grant Gustin Jealous of Stephen Amell? Wants New Flash Costume

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The Flash News

If there?s anything people love about The Flash, it just has to be Grant Gustin. And if Grant Gustin has to complain about something, fans surely make it a point to respond as fast as they can. In the latest The Flash News, it looks like Barry Allen wants a new costume.

For those who haven?t noticed, the show has been out for three seasons now. And it?s quite evident that The Flash is doing really well in captivating its audience?s taste.

Its success even led to a spin off with DC?S Legends of Tomorrow. And of course, its eventual crossover with the Arrow, Supergirl, and of course Legends of Tomorrow.

But with The Flash giving all its successes to The CW since 2014, it?s just proper for Grant Gustin to voice out his demands. First on the list? His superhero costume.

The Flash News: Grant Gustin Jealous of Stephen Amell?

Grant Gustin finally speaks his mind out about his costume in The Flash. In a Twitter post, the lead actor of The Flash expressed his thoughts about wanting an upgrade in his superhero attire.

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With that being said, rumor has it that Gustin is jealous of Stephen Amell?s dramatic costume upgrade in Arrow. Stephen Amell?s previous costume with dark green spray paint coloured across his eyes to cover-up his identity was known to be replaced with a fancier mask.

The Flash News

Stephen Amell, otherwise known as Oliver Queen in Arrow, even had a new suit in season 3. On the other hand, Grant Gustin only had slight alterations in his costume as an upgrade.

Grant Gustin never really said he was jealous of Stephen Amell, but he did want to have an ultimate wardrobe change. Artist Bosslogic even supported Gustin by designing a costume for the superhero, making the costume coloured in deeper red.

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See? Even the fans wants something new for The Flash! However, there hasn?t been any news whether he will finally be getting a costume upgrade.

The Flash Season 3 News

In other news, the upcoming season of The Flash Season 3 will be featuring Barry Allen, the Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick.

According to iTech Post, the three are bound to come face-to-face with an enemy who is said to be stronger than the Doom?Savitar. Their situation is also bound to get worse with Gorilla Grodd in the scene.

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How will the three speedsters defeat Savitar? Stay tuned in The Bitbag for more The Flash News!

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