The Flappy Bird Game: Why Is Everyone Crazy About It?

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After playing for minutes (or even hours), one cannot seem to achieve victory in this new game people keep playing and talking about.


Flappy Bird may seem as simple as the classic Super Mario game, but it is not. It has the same pixilated characters and environment. It has simple mechanics, too; well, far simpler, actually. In Flappy Bird, there is no princess to rescue, no turtle to fight with. You just have to tap your screen to keep your bird afloat and let it fly past several obstacles on the way.

That sounds really easy, doesn?t it? In reality, it is not.

It has become the source of infuriation and annoyance of players. Various hashtags such as #FlappyBird, #FlappyBirdProbs, #FlappyBirdHighScore and #FlappyBirdProblemsNight have circulated on Twitter. Most tweets express dismay because of the difficulty of the game. Some have made memes about the game, adding humor to the already-injured pride of those who are taking the game seriously. Others have made bets online, even willing to pay for those who could beat the top scorer of the game.


So if the game is really hard to play and win at, why are people hooked up?

A person who went by the pseudonym Someone Random123 wrote a review on iTunes which makes a lot of sense about the game:

?The game is not fun but it is addicting. The joy you feel after finally beating your record is indescribable and the boiling anger you feel inside of you instantly diffuses only to fill you with false hope that you may be able to do it again and possibly even do it better. This is what will convince you to keep playing. But the agonizing cycle inevitably resumes again with the dreaded smack of a sound effect punch, once again refueling the hatred for the bird right back into every fiber of your being. The only reason I have not yet deleted this horrid game is for the overwhelming sense of relief and accomplishment I feel when I finally beat a high score; and it is for this reason, I fear, that it is why I keep playing until I cannot hold back a punch. I assume this feeling will soon consume you too but don?t say you were never warned.?

This proves one thing ? human ego is bankable. Never mind that the game looks like something from the 90s. Never mind that the game lacks in creativity and imagination. Never mind that the game is boring and repetitive. A person?s pride is at stake here ? let him play the game.

.GEARS is the official developer of this game and a man named Nguyen Ha Dong is to be blamed for the creation of the bird. If you haven?t tried the game yet, think twice before downloading it. We will not be responsible for the stress that will come after playing it. The game is annoying, addicting and irritating.

You have been warned.


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