The Five Annoying Little Things About the Internet

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The internet has provided so many uses for us everyday. It helps us accomplish work and school-related tasks. It provides us entertainment when we are bored. It has all the information we want in the world with just a few clicks. It helps us connect with people easily through social media, messaging or chat sites and apps. It provides service to different government agencies, organizations and companies. It even helps facilitate the traffic flow in a city. The internet made our lives easier in every aspect possible.

As much as we love the world wide web, there are still certain things that annoy the heck out of us when surfing. I know for sure that a lot of people can relate to this list.

  • Annoying Youtube advertisements and pop-ups.

Isn’t it just irritating when you are looking forward to watching a video on Youtube and suddenly, another video comes out and even makes you wait for five seconds before you can move on to your video viewing? But the pain does not end there. There are even more advertisements while watching your video. After cancelling three or five ads, you start saying to yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?” These pop-up ads must be exterminated from the internet world.


  • Being “seenzoned” on Facebook

You log in. You go to the Facebook wall of your long-time crush. He is online. You finally gather the courage to send him a five-paragraph-long message. You let go of all the emotions you have been keeping for years. You confess your undying love and devotion to him. You narrate all the times he accidentally smiled at you or brushed your hand. Then you fearlessly press the send button. After a few seconds, you see that “seen” message. You stare at it nervously.

After an hour, the “seen” message is still there.

Even after three hours.

Even after 12 hours.

Five days later, you check back, nothing. Nothing but that “seen” message.


Beyond the love aspect, how heartbreaking and painful (irritating at times) it is not to be replied back by people you message on Facebooka nd BE AWARE of it. Seriously, Facebook. What were you thinking?!

  • Spam comments on blogs

If you have a WordPress or Blogger account, you probably know what this is. Comments are always a huge thing for us, bloggers, but when it’s spam already, it gets annoying.




  • When you just can’t get the captcha entry right

When you’re creating a new account for anything from Twitter to Gmail, it’s such a tiring process. There are so many boxes to fill and questions to answer.

The last step is to entry what you see on the captcha code.

You are not drunk. You have visually perfect eyes. You know how to read and write. But it keeps saying “Captcha was incorrect. Try again.” Calm down, my friend.


  • Facebook game invites

Why are there so many annoying things about Facebook?

Anyway, it’s irritating when you always get invites for games you would never play in your life. I mean really, why do they have to get more points or items in the game they are playing from other people who are not playing the game? It does not make sense.


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