The Finest Hours Spoilers: Why It’s Coast Guard’s Most Daring Rescue

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The film The Finest Hours is based on the true story of “the most daring rescue mission in the US Coast Guard history,” during a massive winter storm off the coast of Massachusetts on February 18, 1952. The trailer of Disney’s newest drama showcases the movie as an action thriller as well as a romantic drama.

The Finest Hours promos feature the crew of an oil tanker, the Pendleton, struggle to survive after their ship breaks in two, as well as the romance between a young Coast Guard member and a plucky girl who dares break gender norms.

Pendleton chief engineer Raymond Sybert played by Casey Affleck was left with 32 surviving crew members on one half of the tanker. Somehow the crew was kept alive by Sybert when some Coast Guard volunteers came to rescue them on a tiny boat that was equipped with a compass and life jackets. The rescue crew was headed by Bernie Webber played by Chris Pine who says that the Coast Guard rule is “you gotta go out…you don’t gotta come back.” According to the US Coast Guard, his crew included Richard Livesey (Ben Foster), Andy Fitzgerald (Kyle Gallner) and Ervin Maske (John Magaro), and the team successfully saved all 32 survivors on the Pendleton.

Despite being based on a true story, there were some changes made during filming, in particular with the character of Webber?s girlfriend Miriam, played by Holliday Grainger. In the movie, she is engaged to Webber during the rescue and she marched into the Coast Guard base and demands that Webber be called back in because they were getting married. In real life, Miriam and Webber were already married at the time of the rescue and she spent the entire unpleasant experience at home sick, stated an article on Bustle.

According to Huffington Post, the viewers can witness the digital images of the heaving and pounding sea that will take them to the time, place, people and community of this historical and very human event. The movie has some amazing close ups of the men on shore and in both boats.

If you enjoy watching rescue operations, then this true story of the US Coast Guard’s most daring sea rescue by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman is definitely worth seeing.

The Finest Hours hits theaters on Friday, January 29.

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