The Fight Club Comic Book Sequel, In the Words of Chuck Palahniuk

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Fight Club, the movie in which the saying “You are not your job” was immortalized, has already reached 18 this year. It?s one of the more iconic pop-films which espoused doing your own choices and choosing where you want to go. And now, it?s being immortalized in the pages of comic book history, a suitable follow up for the novel that spawned the film.

The film, which starred Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, tells the story of an everyday man who suffers from sleep disorder. He then starts to become addicted to self-help groups, and emotional release, after attendance in one cures his insomnia. He meets a character, Tyler Durden, who is a mirror of his basest instincts and his hidden desires. It all leads to the formation of a ?Fight Club?, a brainchild of Tyler Durden himself after a brawl between him and the protagonist attracts a crowd of people wanting to fight.

While the movie has enjoyed cult success within a fan base that can?t seem to get enough of Tyler Durden?s philosophies, a good news is that after a long wait, author Chuck Palahniuk is writing a sequel to it. It?s not in the form of a brand new novel, though. The sequel will be presented in a graphic novel and it also focuses on a new branch of the story.

The synopsis of the story for the graphic novel is as follows: after ten years, the protagonist in the movie (Norton?s character) is already married to Marla Singer (female lead character, Helena Bonham-Carter in the film). They also have a nine year-old son. This graphic novel, Chuck explains, is more of an anti-father manifesto than anything. He says that it was done for the sole purpose of exploring the angle of the neglect fathers may inevitably do to their sons. However, it was done in a reverse way.

Fight Club, he also stresses, is also a picture of the angst experienced mostly by late youth. The sequel, however, is a picture of a middle-life crisis. This is, in Palahniuk?s words, a period where you?re supposedly set, and content, but still don?t have enough or feel like you have nothing yet. It is an exploration of the suppression of creative freedom as well. This, which he calls the ?Tyler Durden? part in all of us, could be either for the better or for the worse. Suppression of this part might lead to us shutting out the best part of ourselves we are supposed to show others. We might be stable and safe, yes, but it doesn?t make that life a better life.

The first book tells the struggles of how the ?character deals with his alter-ego, Tyler Durden. But Palahniuk explains that this supposed alter-ego might not be a one-and-done thing, and that Tyler may actually be a representation of something that?s in all of us. The second book also explores the Project Mayhem group, which the protagonist unknowingly created, which is still around.

It must have been a product of Chuck?s mistake that the novel is coming out too. In last year?s ComicCon, he seemingly messed up by saying that the novel was coming out, and as a result, rabid fan bases of the series were on a crusade for him to honor his word. In this year?s ComicCon, he is once again coming back along with the director of the film, David Fincher.

Expect to see the series sometime around May 2015.

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