The EyesMap Tablet, A Device With 3D Sensing Capabilities, Has Been Unveiled

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The new EyesMap tablet by e-Capture R&D can capture 3D models of objects in real time

E-Capture R&D, a startup based in Merida, Spain, has just unveiled a new tablet that promises to make accurate 3D scans of objects. The EyesMap tablet is the company?s brainchild meant to target certain industries and is marketed as a multi-purpose portable tool for civil engineers, surveyors, architects, and other professionals.

If you?ve read enough about Google?s Project Tango, you should realize by now that the EyesMap tablet somehow resembles the said Project?s concept. Project Tango is being developed by Google?s ATAP group and involves building a line of smartphones and tablets capable of creating 3D models of their surroundings.

prototype smartphones from Google's Prject Tango

prototype smartphones from Google’s Project Tango

The EyesMap tablet is powered by Windows and its innards are composed of a fourth-generation Intel i7 processor and 16 GB worth of RAM. It has two 13-megapixel, rear cameras as well as a depth sensor and GPS allowing the device to measure coordinates, volumes, and surface of objects 70 to 80 meters away in real time.

According to the makers, the EyesMap tablet will be able to scan ?advanced photogrammetric pictures? with four million dots within two minutes. It can also capture 3D images of objects in motion. It utilizes a combination of photogrammetry, computer vision techniques, visual odometer, and ?precision sensor fine tuning? along with other image measuring methods.

the new EyesMap tablet in action

the new EyesMap tablet in action

When it comes to the EyesMap tablet?s possible market, e-Capture?s Pedro Ortiz-Coder said that it is set to compete with single-purpose surveying instruments such as telemeters, 3D scanners, and various photogrammetry software, among others. The new tablet?s main selling point is that it can deliver the same functionalities with one handy device.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Ortiz-Coder said, ?To [survey small objects], a short range laser scanner is required but a short-range LS cannot capture big or far away objects. That?s why we thought to create a definitive instrument, which permits the user to scan small objects, indoors, buildings, big objects and do professional works with a portable device.?

No price range has been set for the new EyesMap tablet yet. It is slated to be fully available during the first or second quarter of 2015.


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