The Evil Within: Bethesda Softworks Announces Updated Release Date at Quakecon 2014

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There were a lot of things that happened during the annual QuakeCon that just took place a few days ago. Plenty of juicy details about the latest and upcoming games were revealed. One such game that was discussed fervently was The Evil Within.

According to Bethesda Softworks, survival horror fans will be allowed to get a dose of their gory scares very soon ? and, best of all, a week earlier than the date that was previously said. The Evil Within, a very popular multiplatform horror game that the development company Tango Gameworks created, is said to be released one week before what was previously planned.

If fans were asked to wait before for its launch date?that was supposed to happen during the 3rd week of October, their waiting time is cut short because the game will now arrive on October 14, and this?will be made available across North America.

Australian fans do not have to worry too ? they will be able to get access to the game 2 days after its release in North America. It is set to come to Australia on October 16.

As for Europe, The Evil Within will be available just 4 days after, which will be on October 18.

All these updates are reliable and trustworthy, seeing that they came from Bethesda Softworks itself.

It is, no doubt, a good thing that Bethesda decided to do this, seeing that it had to push the game?s release back from its supposedly August launch date. The earlier announcement stated that the game will be released on October 21. At the QuakeCon, Bethesda’s Pete Hines shared information that The Evil Within will already be available ahead of the previous expectations.

“Shinji [Mikami] asked us for a little extra time with the game, but we’re really happy with it,” he said. “It’s ready a week early, so we’re releasing it a week early.”

This is good news for everyone. PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as Windows PC owners will be happy to know that the game can be played on their gaming consoles and devices.

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