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The Elder Scrolls 6: More Hearsay from the Rumor Mill

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Aside from Fallout 4, another game that seems to keep popping around when discussion shifts to Bethesda and their silence is Elder Scrolls 6.

The game has been discussed heavily and been speculated in a similar manner since last year, when news of an Elder Scrolls 6 surfaced?this one set in Argonia, of all places. While fans argued that the game wouldn?t be likely set in a region deemed too hazardous for all the races of Tamriel but one, each one suggested his or her own territory.

We discuss this What Culture article?a reminder of the likely places, if you will?and we take a look at them. Most of the places seem to have been included in the discussion if only because of their inhabitants and the potential each has as a hero in the next game. There?s also this Motoring Crunch write-up about Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 4, and the state of completion of the two games?if ever they are really being given attention to by Bethesda.

The Places and their People

These What Culture places are most frequently used as point of references for every Elder Scrolls rumor out there.

We?ve had almost the whole of Tamriel included in the discussion; Elsweyr, Valenwood, the Summerset Isles, and Cyrodiil have emerged as some of the favorites, but Argonia was hands down one of the intriguing choices for the reason that a Game Ideas wiki made itself look like an official announcement. However, the fact remains that the Black Marsh is considered toxic to almost all races of Tamriel except the native Argonians.

It would be intriguing, however, if there were three or four regions included in an Elder Scrolls 6 instead of the usual one. If Bethesda really wanted to make this game something different, they?d at least try to do one over Skyrim, which was pretty good by most standards.

Elder Scrolls over Fallout?

Motoring Crunch, on the other hand, brings us an entirely different view of things and says Elder Scrolls 6 instead of Fallout 4 will be coming out.

This line??started teasing on the future sequel in recent times??hasn?t actually happened, and it makes one think that Elder Scrolls 6 might not be coming to fruition after all. Which, if the chronological order is to be visited, makes sense. Fallout 4 should come first before Elder Scrolls 6 does, and only after it should people start taking cryptic Elder Scrolls 6 announcement seriously?mainly if they come from Bethesda themselves.

Profitability aside, Elder Scrolls 6 wouldn?t come out so soon after Skyrim came and went, and with people still enjoying Skyrim the way they are, Bethesda should follow the natural order of things that they?ve set.

Elder Scrolls 6: A Setting that?s Static

People can say what they want about the setting of the game, but for now, that?s a topic that?s up for discussion. What setting would be perfect for the game? It would definitely be a refreshing take to have multiple settings in one game?a vast open world where the events happening in Tamriel can be re-written by a character or a group of character?s actions.


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