The EastEnders Spoilers: Christmas & New Year Story Line Hinted, Guess Who?s Getting Married?

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LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 05: Danny Dyer attends the UK premiere of “Run For Your Wife” at Odeon Leicester Square on February 5, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

EastEnders most recognizable star:? Danny Dyer ? confesses to being a skint, talks about his book ?The World According to Danny Dyer; Life Lessons from the East End? and EastEnders Christmas and New Year storylines.

Danny Dyer has confessed he was ?skint? on the day he met?EastEnders?bosses. He could hardlyeven afford the travel fare to get there according to shows.stv.tv

?They rung me up and said ?Listen we want you to come in the show, take over the Queen Vic? and at the time I was skint and I just had about enough petrol money to get there, that?s the truth.

?They thought I was a multimillionaire and I met them in the hotel and I walked in absolutely skint, not a bean about me. I thought, I hope they don?t ask me to get them a lager because I?ve got no dough.?

Show bosses offered Danny a gem of a role. They were keen to secure him. Danny admits though he wanted to do ?cartwheels? in front of them, he played it cool.

Danny Dyer has weddings on the brain, with not only a big day coming up for his?EastEnders character Mick Carter, but also his very own wedding to long-term partner Joanne according to shows.stv.tv

He disclosed a little bit about both. His on-screen nuptials sounded very interesting.

?It does go bandy. Christmas Day I have a stag do in the [Queen] Vic, a two day bender, you?re going to love that. I can?t give too much away about that. And then on New Year?s Day we get married but it does go slightly wrong.?

Undoubtedly, he?s one of soap?s most recognizable stars now, two years on, and is looking forward to the big drama-filled Christmas special of the show.

Danny also talked about his book??The World According to Danny Dyer; Life Lessons from the East End? and also shared his thoughts on feminism.

According to metro.co.uk, Dyer had something to say about EastEnders Christmas and New Year storyline:

?It?s bad to be honest. I can?t really declare it but it?s f***ing horrible yeah. I?ve got away with Christmas Day but New Year?s Day is the one where I am getting married and all that stuff but it goes wrong, badly, but it gets better.

?It?s got a right good ending on New Year?s Day. That?s all I can give away. The ending is unbelievable. It?s a right lovely ?doofdoof?. For once it is a nice ?doofdoof?.?

To find out more, watch EastEnders on Monday on BBC1 at 8pm.

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