The Division: Zombies Mode And More New Features Massive Should Add As DLC

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One of the top-played games today across several platforms is Tom Clancy?s The Division. The game is impressive in itself despite being easy to complete, with end game items and max levels at bay. Those who finished most of the activities in the game even have a list of DLCs to look forward to. However, there are still some features we believe can further improve The Division.

Proper Game Modes for PVP

The Dark Zone and the rogue system are the closest things to PVP battles that The Division has. The rogue system is a little flawed for now, and we?re pretty sure that fans are already eager for proper game modes in The Division. Having matchmaking lobbies that allow players to set up death matches would be pretty awesome considering that the game has solid cover shooter gameplay mechanics.


We get the whole point of The Division and its Dollar Virus. It’s a realistic storyline that doesn’t feature anything far off from what the world has now. However, a kick of the old zombie apocalypse wouldn?t hurt the game. The bodies are all lined up at the streets of Manhattan, so Massive could just give them a little jolt to kickstart the zombie mayhem. If it?s too much to ask, then they could opt to create an area specific to zombies so that players who prefer the undead can just visit the area. Considering that there are already several factions that make up the ensemble cast of The Division, adding zombies to the mix won?t hurt.

Companion App

Tons of games have companion apps for smartphones. Having one for The Division would surely make the players feel like legit agents that can manage their characters through a companion app. An even better idea would be for players to be able to use smartphones as a mini-map so they won?t need to pause every few minutes just to place waypoints. The app could also feature basic features like inventory/storage management as well as ability management.

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