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The Division Year Two Update: What Fans Want

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The Division Year Two

A few weeks after the release of The Division, fans have begun to see the flaws in the game and many believe that it failed to deliver the hype. Ubisoft has since continuously tried to reform the game through updates, and while the player count improved after the 1.4 patch, it hasn’t grown into a big established game?that many wanted it to be. 2017 is coming fast, and in a few months from now, The Division will be celebrating its first anniversary. Redditors have compiled a few things they want for The Division Year Two.

General ?Changes

Players are of course always looking for small gameplay tweaks that would make their The Division playthroughs a lot more convenient and easier. For starters, players want easier inventory management and a bigger stash size. With all the drops in the game, Ubisoft should provide players with a bigger room for all the drops.

Another change that Ubisoft should add are a few new features to the shooting range. Real-time DPS and distance indicators, NPCs and Elites and bosses for Talent testing are some of the things that fans want for The Division Year Two.

Game Mode Tweaks

While the game modes in The Division are fun and all, players are also looking for a few ways to improve Survival, Incursion and the others. For example, fans want more diversity in Underground. The levels themselves should be revamped and should include new areas so that there?s a new feel with each playthrough.

Other Changes

The list of The Division Year Two changes is long and complicated. The game?s shortcomings since launch have been continuously criticized by fans. Ubisoft could make up for these shortcomings by checking out what?s on the wishlist of fans. We?re also expecting Ubisoft to reveal their plans for Year Two very soon.

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