The Division Update 1.7: What We Know So Far

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The Division update 1.7
Source: Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer – RPG Gameplay [US] video

Official announcements and full patch notes about Ubisoft’s The Division update 1.7 are currently scarce. Fans hope that the upcoming updates can be great enough to attract new players again. Here’s what we know about The Division update 1.7

Three Features For Update 1.7

Arekkz Gaming recently discussed The Division Update 1.7 with Division Elite Task Force members BinaryNumb and Rxylat. The Elite Task Force members are select members of the The Division community whom Ubisoft Massive worked with to help make new content. So far, the group mentioned about seasons, vanity slots, and a feats feature for update 1.7.

According to Forbes, the Seasons are larger limited-time events that are collected into playlists. Meanwhile, Loadouts allow players to switch set of equipment without manually picking them in the menus. Lastly, feats work like timed challenges and achievements for players to enjoy. Easily, these additions are quality of life adjustments to give players more rewarded activities to do in The Division.

Year Two

These three features of update 1.7 are part of Ubisoft’s Year Two DLC plan for The Division. The new updates are assured to be free and will focus more on The Division’s story. New gameplay content in The Division may also help it take back its audience.

Problems in The Division

BinaryNumb, Rxylat, and Arekkz Gaming mostly talked about the future of The Division in the video. Currently, The Division is in a state where it’ll go out with a whimper due to its low player base and less encouraging gameplay. The Division’s systems don’t have much avenue to make people stay longer after they get the best equipment.

All loot across its gameplay modes are similar, which defeats the system by itself. The ETF discussion admits that players aiming for the best loot will go for the most effective farming mode and disregard anything else. The Division’s other modes will just be visited if the player feels like it. The Division’s systems are refreshing and lax but it did so too much that players aren’t compelled to stay with it more.

Destiny 2 Approaches

Activision and Bungie is about to release Destiny 2 this year. At best, The Division’s lifespan will be affected by its release as Ubisoft did attract weary Destiny players. The lack of major updates in Year Two might have been a foresight of Destiny 2’s release. The story-focused updates might also be to help The Division to finally conclude itself soon. However, rumors are circulating about Ubisoft already planning and developing a sequel for The Division series. The developers might have a bombastic sendoff for The Division, but there’s hope for its fans to return to a better version of this game.

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