The Division Update 1.6.1 Patch Notes: The Most Important Changes And New Features

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The Division update 1.6.1
Source: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Survival E3 Teaser Trailer video

The Division update 1.6.1 rolls out this May 23. Ubisoft deployed the patch notes ahead of the update and it lists some large changes that’ll balance the game’s gunplay. It also remove overpowered tactics through glitches and bugs. Here’s what we know about the new update 1.6.1’s major changes.


The new The Division update 1.6.1 adds the Loadout system for equipment sets. Players can preset up to six Loadout sets and switch them when out of combat. This new system allows players to openly adapt to situations especially if they suddenly need specific characters for the job. Players who’ve built many equipment sets will definitely flourish with this new system around.

Burst Fire Glitch Fixed

Until the recent patch, burst fire primary weapons have been valuable as players know a glitch to make it shoot rapidly. Tweaking your controls to a different button will allow it to shoot faster than usual. The burst fire weapon nerf now limits the weapons to have a fire rate cap which prevents the glitch from working.

The Division’s burst fire weapons are slightly stronger than other full-automatic rifles when it comes to damage. These weapons might have been designed to have bad fire rate to compensate for their high damage. However, the glitch allowed players to bypass that weakness and use burst-fire weapons like full automatic guns.

Glitched Mission Fixes

Some missions in The Division have NPCs that may get erratic AI and prevent them from properly appearing in the map. They’ll get stuck in their player-inaccessible spawn room or come out late in hectic timed missions. The Division update 1.6.1 has patched some of those bosses and they should be working just fine in-game.

General World Overhauls

The “World” part of the patch notes promises a more intuitive game world through fixing its graphical imperfections. The new fixes assure that taking cover works right, the lighting feels correct, and other weird-looking objects are removed off the game. This helps at higher levels since the damage output of both players and NPCs tend to be strong enough to kill others in mere seconds.

Players are still advised to keep an eye for more bugs and glitches even with these fixes around. More glitches that breed overpowered tactics and other unfair competitive glitches might sprout in the game. These issues need to get fixed to give the game an enjoyable Year Two experience. Stay updated with more The Division news here on The BitBag.

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