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The Division Unrevealed Game Modes Leaked?

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Tom Clancy’s The Division

The Division?s launch date is drawing near, and a lot is expected from Ubisoft?s next entry in the Tom Clancy series of video games. The three beta tests drew the attention of a lot of players, and most were impressed with the title so far. It seems that there might be a lot more in store for players when the full game launches this March 8.

Redditor ChristianReisen recently scoured the game files of The Division and found what appear to be unrevealed game modes. The beta tests only revealed a portion of the game, so fans can expect a lot more from the full game launching soon, and it?s no surprise that there might be some unrevealed game modes.

?So going a bit deeper into the game files, I found among the translations something curious,? ChristianReisen said. ?There is mention of different kinds of actions. One speaks of network nodes all over a park and that you have to get them. The way it’s phrased though is like there is an enemy team. Going deeper there is also mention in the same area of something concerning controlling zones and supply caches. The text goes to say things like your team is winning, and only 30 seconds left. It also mentions ?the enemy has the upper hand,? which points towards an adversarial mode.??

That being said, there could be new modes introduced when The Division launches. Another possibility is that the modes could be introduced in the game as future DLC.

So far, The Division looks to provide a good single and multiplayer experience to players when it launches. Adding more modes to the already impressive title would do it good as players will have more reason to enjoy the game before it officially launches.

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