The Division Talents And Perks: The Most Useful Abilities You Should Use

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The Division Talents And Perks

The Division?s Open Beta lacked the use of Talents and Perks in the game. However, that doesn?t mean that players are denied of the data for The Division Talent and Perk systems. Here?s The Division Reddit megathread for Talents and Perks and the Skill Calculator for them.

Perks are universal skill passives rewarded to players if they improve their Base Of Operations accordingly. However, there are 32 talents, and only four of them can be brought by a player in the game. This allows the game to work better with parties due to Talent diversity. ?Players will have to spec their talents to fill a certain role in the party. In hindsight, The Division talents supplied can comprise a Medic, a Tank, and a Grenadier.

All the other talents in the game are either for raw damage output or ammo and health sustain for longer fights in the game. The risk-reward systems in these Talents are pretty minor and often gear the players into building solid formations rather than blitzing a fight in a few seconds. Perhaps The Division rewards the team tactical playstyle more than the solo, raw mechanical skill against armed crowds.

Tanks could go for brash and daring tactics using the defense buff via the On The Move Talent on the Security Tree and enjoy healing bonuses from Critical Save?s clutch heals and Adrenaline?s overheals for extra health. Tanks should also pick up the Shock and Awe Talent to move around faster while taking agro and avoid getting flanked themselves.

For those who are planning to go the support route, Medical Talents like Triage, Battle Buddy, Combat Medic are ideal. Evasive Action from the Tech Tree should allow you to maneuver safely if you have revived an ally caught in a bad position.

Grenadiers should take up every Talent that amplifies its crowd control effects and explosion damage. Talents like Shrapnel, Wildfire, Fear Tactics, Chain Reaction, and Demolition Expert are obvious picks for this specialization, depending on the grenades you prefer.

For solo players, it?s best to mix a Talent loadout with healing bonuses and preferred damage output bonuses. This should allow you to survive situations where your only ally is yourself such as in solo Mission runs and a bad day in the Dark Zone.

These builds are highly theoretical and can be disproved when actual meta rolls out in The Division?s release on March 8. Once the full content is out, players will surely discover a tactic that will force Ubisoft to nerf something for the Dark Zone balance. Until then, we?ll have to wait at least two more weeks before The Division releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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