The Division Review: A Terrible And Repetitive Game According to Players

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The Division Review

Ubisoft?s latest game has disappointed fans as seen in the wave of negative The Division reviews on Steam, Amazon and many other online stores and platforms. As of this writing, the Steam store alone has more than 2,600 negative reviews due to the game?s server and PC performance issues.

The Division players? reviews are described as “mixed” on the official Steam page, with more than 38 percent out of 7,100 reviews from PC players listed as negative. Most of those negative reviews note that Ubisoft has made a beautiful world for the game, but the content within the extraordinary world has no appeal. The Uplay nightmare is reportedly unforgettable.

It?s unfortunate when a game receives negative remarks right after its launch. Naturally, fans always hope for something better than what they have been fed previously, however, Ubisoft?s game was unable to live up to the hype. Users are disappointed with the game mechanics, story and uninspiring missions. Many users said that the game missions are repetitive; all you need to do is shoot everyone for almost everything. Some of the users on Metacritic say that even after playing The Division for many hours, they did not find the content appealing.

Some users also noted in their The Division review that even if you are playing the game for the first time, it doesn?t give you a fresh and new experience.

It?s evident in the reviews that Ubisoft has failed to deliver variety in the game. For a number of players, Ubisoft?s latest offering like just another shoot and loot game with nothing unique when it comes to loot, enemy and shooting mechanics.

However, fans on the official Ubisoft forum say that all the negative reviews of The Division are senseless. Some fans defended the game, saying that users who experienced problems with The Division are ?dumb,? and they could have searched for a solution to fix the issues.

Obviously, people who purchased The Division and encountered problems with the gameplay might have read the guide on how to solve the problem. However, it is also important for Ubisoft to resolve the problems from their end as not all gamers are tech geeks who can solve the technical issues on their own. After all, the players pay for flawless gaming experience and not for learning how to troubleshoot technical issues. That said, it remains to be seen how video game critics perceive the game.

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