The Division Open Beta Extended By Ubisoft?

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The Division Open Beta

Ubisoft?s The Division Open Beta is reaching its end on February 22, and the game will only be available again once it?s released in March. The previous closed beta of the game was extended due to public demand, but will it happen again for its Open Beta?

A thread on The Division Reddit discusses the possibility of the extension and was clearly notified about the February 22nd Open Beta end stickied at The Division megathread and mentioned in the official news post from Ubisoft. The megathread lists the February 22 end of The Division open beta, and the recent February 21 Daily Brief #4 post of Ubisoft also listed February 22 as the final day of The Division?s Open Beta. This announcement indirectly confirms an extension of The Division beta, as February 21 was the final day listed on the Open Beta announcement, which was posted two weeks ago on Ubiblog. For those who want to catch up or play some more, the servers will be offline by 1 pm CET/ 7am EST/4 am PST on February 22.

After The Division?s Open Beta, players will have to wait for the game?s release on March 8 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Players can finally enjoy exploring a larger part of New York, go beyond level 8, and gather more loot in the coming release.

The Division Open Beta starts to get limited after?you?ve completed the single player missions. This either leaves the player to hunt down the side collectibles explaining the lore of Tom Clancy?s The Division or head to the Dark Zone for greater loot quality but at greater risk.

All in all, the The Division Beta feels like a grind due to its limited areas, but it might change when the full game starts rolling in next month. We?ll see how The Division fits in with genre contemporaries such as Gearbox Software?s Borderlands and Bungie?s Destiny. Stay updated on more Tom Clancy?s The Division news here on TheBitBag.

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