The Division Guide: Where To Get Dark Zone Keys And Chests

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Tom Clancy's The Division Open Beta Coming on February 16

Similar with most games, Tom Clancy?s The Division gives players the high-risk high-reward system that sees them getting the best items through the toughest challenges. The Division?s beta will kick off soon, and players need to be well-equipped to survive New York city. To do so, they?ll need to scour every nook and cranny for Dark Zone Keys.

Dark Zone Keys are found in New York?s Dark Zones. In Dark Zones, you will be up against high-level enemies. Additionally, you should be wary of allies who have gone rogue. At the end of every mission, you have the choice to either split the loot with the other players or kill them and take all the loot for yourself.

The Dark Zone Chests contain some of the best items in The Division. To get them, Dark Zone keys are needed. Getting the keys put you at great risk, but they?re worth it considering that Dark Zone Chests contain the best items.

There are only two ways to get Dark Zone keys: as a random loot drop from high-level enemies and by stealing it from an ally who has one. Performing the latter requires you to go rogue and kill your allies. You should also be aware that there will be a lot more to lose if your level is high.

Getting the keys is probably the easiest part in getting the best loot. To find Dark Zone Chests, you will of course need to scour the Dark Zones. The chests are guarded by strong infantry. Once you take out the enemy, you will get the chest.

However, this doesn?t get you the items in the chest yet. You will need to get out of the Dark Zone to secure the items within the chest. There are two ways to get out with the Dark Zone. You can carry the chest on foot, but the risk of running into rogue players are imminent. The other way is to call in a helicopter for pick-up. If you call a helicopter, all the players in the vicinity will be alerted of the chest carriers location, and you have to hold out for 90 seconds before the helicopter arrives.

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