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The Division Developer Downgraded PC Game Performance

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With the heated competition that has been happening between consoles, PC remained the better one. As most people ?owns a PC, it can be well-modified to suit the needs of the next generation games. Amplifying processing capabilities, resolution, graphics, and everything that you can think of; PC?s believed to be far superior to consoles.

But with the recent events in the gaming industry, it seems that more developers continue to downgrade their game?s performance when it lands to a PC platform. We have seen it first-hand how Ubisoft downgraded Watch Dog?s performance when played on PC, but it was running smoothly on high resolution back when it was first introduced in E3. Though Ubisoft did not admit that they actively downgraded games, the result states otherwise.

And according to an insider of a graphics technical division of Ubisoft in Sweden, there have been a lot of downgrading practices that has been happening. And if a question is raised, the answer is always ?it is for the gamers and stability, we did what we did?. If the reason is stability, PC runs perfectly as new powerful graphics cards are available nowadays.? There are many ways to fill the needs for these games to run in a smooth 30 to 60 fps.

The developer of ?The Division?, Snow Drop Tech, says that the first time they introduced the game demo for display, it looked pretty well and they were amazing. But sadly if it were published, the game would favor consoles over PC because of a reconfiguration to the performance of the game. Then what is the reason why there is a need to downgrade the game?s performance right before it was released to the market?

Then it came to a conclusion that the PC?s throughout output is better than any consoles even with low developmental cost. To build a PC, it does not cost that much, but it can go toe-to-toe with the expensive next gen consoles. Even the next gen consoles can?t match up to a properly built PC, it is inevitable that things needed to be done through false advertising, so that sales can be maintained or improved.

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