The Division Dark Zone Tips: Things You Shouldn?t Do In The PvP Area

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The Division?s Dark Zones is a dangerous place if you?re travelling alone. Aside from the dangerous AI enemies lingering in the area, the most dangerous foes are real-life players. As the beta is already live for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, we’ve decided to share a?few The Division Dark Zone tips on things you shouldn’t do in the PvP area.

The Division Dark Zone Tips: Never Cluster At The Extraction Area

Waiting near the extraction area with all your teammates is a quick way to get your squad killed. Unloading your contaminated loot also takes a few seconds to do, but it?s enough time for rogue players to eliminate your entire team. A single player can easily eliminate a party of four?with just one machine gun magazine and a grenade.

Never Trust Anyone, Even Your Party Members

There?s no friendly fire from your party members in The Division Dark Zones. But the party leader can easily kick you out from your?group and kill you to steal your loot.

You will also spend a lot of time extracting your contaminated loot via the chopper and whenever you signal an extraction. Expect a lot of players to flock the area. Most players will use ?emotes? to show that they mean you no harm. However, most players just try to act friendly so you will let go of your guard. Always point your gun at suspected foes until you have unloaded your contaminated loot.

Don?t Shoot Rogue Players Immediately

Is there less than three players in your party? Do you have situational advantage over the enemy? The rewards for killing a rogue player is high, but take note that you?ll also lose DZ exp, DZ money, and even your DZ keys if you die. Also, not all rogue players are out to kill everyone, especially those who have gone rogue by accident.

Never Run Mindlessly While Rogue

Whether you have accidentally killed a fellow player or, maybe, you just couldn?t resist taking someone?s loot, make sure you are prepared whenever you go rogue. Doing this action will easily get yourself killed if you mindlessly run around the map as The Division’s Dark Zones are vastly populated by players. See to it that you know a great spot where you can stand your ground. You can also go to an area with AI enemies so you have a few ?buddies? to help you out.

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