The Division Could Be A Major Flop

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The Division

The Division recently concluded its open beta, and fans now have a feel of what the game will be like when it launches on March 8. The game is looking promising so far, and it could be gaming?s next big thing. However, there are still a lot of things to consider with the hype leading up to the release of an upcoming game, so there?s a chance The Division might be a big letdown.

At first glance, Destiny and The Division have a few similarities. The easiest similarity to point out is that both are hybrids of a shooter and RPG as they feature skills and a levelling system, but with The Division looking more in-depth than Destiny?s. Both games also feature the same storyline of a group of individuals saving a rundown civilization.

Another comparison point is that both games have a safe zone. Destiny has The Tower, while The Division has the Base of Operations. Both areas are capable of allowing players to interact with each other. The areas are also a place to restock and upgrade characters.

The Division has both ups and downs as well. One of the downsides is how players can get the best equipment. The best weapons in The Division are acquired through the dreaded Dark Zones. These areas feature really tough enemies. As good and as challenging as it sounds, this may come off as a chore to some instead of a challenge. The only way the Dark Zones could be successful is if Ubisoft inserts a lot more content into it.

With the comparisons and the Dark Zone in mind, The Division could suffer the same fate as Destiny. Destiny was a hyped-up title and fans were very eager to get their hands on the game. Sadly, the game failed to live up to fans? expectations. As it is now, The Division is looking good with the betas. Fans can only hope that Ubisoft offers enough content for the game aside from the DLCs coming out. .


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