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The Division Bug: Transferring Servers Causes Players To Lose Loot

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With the recently concluded open beta, players have discovered what The Division will be like when it launches on March 8. Although the title is promising as it is, it?s still not safe from a handful of bugs. A newly discovered one during the beta once again affected some players, and the issue stems from the servers again.

On The Division?s Reddit page, one player reported a particular issue with the game?s servers. The issue caused the player to lose some loot during server transfers. The player did say that server transfers feel seamless, but that one issue could be a big problem.

?We had just finished killing them and were heading towards their bodies to collect our rewards. A message pops up saying the server is full and we are being transferred to a new server,? said Reddit user newman_justin40. ?What happened however was that the loot on the NPCs we killed seconds ago vanished because now those NPCs are located on a different server. Essentially cutting us off from being able to loot our rewards.?

The issue only exists in the beta version of the game, meaning Ubisoft still has time to fix it. The issue could be frustrating since it occurs inside the Dark Zone, a place where you can randomly get loot of varying rarity. The area is tough and filled with strong enemies and the best drops; losing loot due to server issues could shun away some players.

Knowing Ubisoft?s handiwork with the several bugs that came with the previous closed beta of the game, players should expect this recent one to be sorted out when The Division launches on March 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The good thing is that there are only few reported issues about the game itself. It seems that most bugs originate from the server, which means the developer need to only tweak servers to address the issue.

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