The Difference Between The Bitbag & Engadget

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Earlier I posted a parody video of a Walt Mossberg balking at embargoes. I didn’t even know this guy was a real person until I did some more research. Turns out he got to break an embargo for a new Tivo device and Engadget’s Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Topolsky, got all pissy about it. Now I’ve been pissed at the likes of IGN for being able to break embargoes, but I’m smart enough to know this was done out of an exclusive deal. Topolsky, who runs one of the Internets biggest tech sites, ranted on twitter when Mossberg posted his review a few hours earlier than the embargo. Now here’s where it gets funny. Kara Swisher, who’s the Co-Executive Editor of AllThingsDigital, stepped in to defend Mossberg against Joshua’s rants. Both Swisher and Mossberg are from Wall Street Journal and are pretty huge in the tech journalism sector. Mossberg is the other Co-Executive Editor of Allthingsdigital. They are so big that they get exclusives on products all the time. Topolsky didn’t like this and started barking up the wrong tree. There was a huge twitter fight between the two and while I agree with some points made by Topolsky, Swisher completely owned this guy and was right about everything she said. Conversation after the jump.


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