The Dell XPS 13: A Further Look at the ‘MacBook Killer’

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Dell?s XPS 13 seems to be enjoying quite the year as 2015?s third month begins.

The Dell XPS 13 is by no means a perfect laptop. Like any other, it?s got its flaws?like the less-than-spectacular but still-impressive battery life that it?s got, and the wrong position of the laptop camera. However, these flaws seem to fail to stop people from dubbing it as the best Windows laptop this year and the laptop that has a lofty destiny?slayer of the dominant MacBook Air.

Right now, we?re taking a look at two articles. One of them comes from Canadian Reviewer, which hails the Dell XPS 13 as a great laptop for Windows enthusiasts. It even becomes that more desirable as soon as Windows 10 OS arrives. We also take a look at this article from Mashable which repeats what everyone else has been adamant about?the Dell XPS 13 has the means to blow away the MacBook Air.

Windows 10-Ready

Dell?s XPS 13, as we have already mentioned, have a lot of positives about it.

This latest report comes from Canadian Reviewer, and we are amazed with the display and portability that the XPS 13 affords. While you do have to sacrifice a bit in the keyboard department for all the other features that the XPS 13 has, it?s a good bargain, as per Canadian Reviewer; if you?re a designer of sorts, you?ll appreciate the crispness of the display that the XPS 13 has afforded, save the response of the multi-touch version.

The XPS 13 is definitely a top-of-the-line candidate, if you?re looking for a good Windows 8.1 laptop that can transition into the Windows 10 OS easily. Look for it to become even more sought-after than it already is.

Dell?s XPS 13 has MacBook Air?s Number

The laptop that almost everyone is hailing appears to be the laptop to beat all other laptops in its category.

As per Mashable, the only problem this review has come up with are the QHD screen, which renders a part of the text you?re currently looking at unreadable, due to the small screen size. The problem can be solved by getting the 1080p version at almost no cost. Another problem is the heat?a part of it gets too hot once the laptop gets rolling. Other than that, though, it appears to be confirming its lofty position as a ?MacBook Killer?.

Is that going to be the truth about the XPS 13? Perhaps, that?s what it appears to be. However, how true would it be to its word? We won?t know at least until we get to experience it for ourselves.

The XPS 13?Apple?s MacBook Air in a Windows body

The giant-slaying appears to be engaged, and the Dell XPS 13 is well dug-in to become such. With all the positives, it appears that Dell managed to take the best of the best on during the CES 2015, and managed to run away from the battle relatively unscathed and winning.


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