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The Defenders: What To Expect From Marvel’s Netflix Crossover

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What to expect from The Defenders. [Image from Entertainment]

Now that the Immortal Iron Fist is over, everyone is excited for the massive Netflix crossover Marvel’s The Defenders. Featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and more, expect plenty of explosive confrontations, along with gritty street violence. Continuity will be an important factor, since it is building from all of the shows, with Daredevil in particular.

Considering how these shows have been made, we know that the creators like to be unpredictable with the source material. Characters like Elektra were killed earlier than expected, though she’s about to make a huge comeback in The Defenders. Here are some other things to expect from August’s hottest show and maybe even one of Marvel’s best TV outings.

Heroes for Hire Teases

In Marvel Comics, Luke Cage and Iron Fist formed the ridiculously entertaining Heroes for Hire group for a brief time. We’ve already seen the two interact in the trailer, so we can expect some teases throughout the series. Here is hoping that it leads to a spinoff series for the two, with Iron First finally putting on his dinky mask.

Romance Problems

At the end of the Jessica Jones series, things did not end well with Cage and the title character. Now that Cage is with Clair Temple, expect some awkward moments between the three during the quieter moments. Marvel’s The Defenders could make it more awkward by inserting Daredevil to the mix as well, since he also spent some time with Clair.

A Lighter Tone

While the Marvel’s Netflix shows have been grittier than the films, it’s easy to assume that Marvel’s The Defenders will be lighter. Though it won’t be a quip-fest like Guardians of the Galaxy, expect more jokes and humorous situations than usual. It’s a crossover after all and the last thing fans want to see is a bunch of moapy street heroes.

That doesn’t mean that it should be light throughout, but having too much melodrama will feel odd in a crossover like this. There will be drama of course and Sigourney Weaver’s character will be responsible for all of that, which is good. Just don’t expect the overly harsh themes of abuse or racism, which should be reserved for the character’s solo series.

Marvel’s The Defenders is slated for an August 18 release, so fans should get excited for that. All the other Marvel Netflix series’ can be binged watch right now, for those that need to catch up. A new Defenders comic with the same cast is coming out this June.

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