The Debut of the Superior Iron Man and What’s New About Him

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The Marvel universe has been in a bit of a shake-up lately, and it?s thanks in part to the movies. Aside from the addition of a new universe to explore (the movie universe), Marvel has since introduced new elements to its old, familiar characters. Tony Stark returns to the roots from where he came, and he also returns to doing what he does best: designing new armor and being a little bit ?proud? about it.

This is in reaction to a new storyline, where ?AXIS?, led by the coming-back Red Skull, is shaking up the entire Marvel universe. So what does the new Iron Man have in store for us? For starters, he has a new armor, and is donning it under the name ?Superior Iron Man?.

This direction is in line with what the new artists, Tom Taylor and Yildiray Cinar, have in store for Tony Stark. Tom Taylor, for his part, is a fairly new artist for Tony Stark. He had been dying to write stories for Tony Stark, even envisioning himself as the Iron Man just to see where this bold new direction is headed. Cinar, for his part, had been an artist for Marvel cards some years ago. Drawing a Marvel book is an entirely new direction, and he is excited as well, having been a huge fan for years.

The new Iron Man armor was a design by Cinar, and it highlights?some of Tony Stark?s characteristics. While the armor is simple, Tony is by no means a simple person: he is a flamboyant philanthropist, and he does have a flair for the outrageous. However, it does have a flashy appearance, in line with Tony?s more prevalent character. This is where Tom Taylor steps in, giving back the old Tony we all love or hate: Flashy. Arrogant. Witty. Self-obsessed. In other words, Superior.

He is also bringing over Tony to a place that?s far from where he had been before: San Francisco. In the comics, Stark suffered a lot but came through fairly unscathed. Rising above all this, he plans to build something close to a Utopia in San Francisco, as well as a new Stark Industries.

Tom Taylor was pretty cool while writing the new Iron Man book. Because Iron Man is a more tech-oriented book, he did do some researching. The new Iron Man being a hybrid armor of sorts is a result of this research; he looked for something that worked. The secret, though, is the mixture of the armor, what type of hybrid tech it really is. He did hint that it?s not something anyone would be proud of, though.

The new Iron Man armor is a bit different from the original, so says Cinar. The Iron Man armors are always something to draw, he says, but sometimes, each of them is designed with a specific purpose in mind. This new Iron Man armor was something designed with a purpose in mind, though Cinar and Taylor would not reveal that just yet.

Tony Stark and his new Iron Man armor seems like a welcome addition to an already diverse universe. Expect to see him alongside ?the new Avengers as they come out this October.

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