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This is my new weekly column where I go over the week in gaming and put my spin on things. This will be published every Friday here at The Bitbag.

This week was a slow news week but some surprising developments were announced for a few games.

  • EA finally released screenshots of their new boxing game.

The game looks good but we’ve already done the Ready 2 Rumble thing. Why are we going back there? Where’s my Fight Night Round 4!?!? FN is such a beautiful game and it represented our first real jump into the next generation. It was a launch title too if I’m correct. While this new R2R ripoff might be a great game, I would think that they could sell more copies of a 4th installment of FNR complete with Kimbo Slice!

  • Criterion announced Vertical action shooting game

This game looks hot! Who would have thought that the racing geniuses behind Colin McCrae and Dirt would make a 3D action shooter? The graphics look gorgeous and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

The site looks really cool and I hope he’s successful with it. He really deserves it. He’s a celebrity and the adoration he got a GDC proves it. The press just loves this guy. Send him some traffic and help him get back into the stratosphere of gaming journalism.

  • Blu-Ray for Xbox 360 and a new 60gb SKU

There’s a rumor going on that Microsoft is in talks with Sony to add a Blu-Ray player to the Xbox 360. I’m hoping it’s an add-on like the HD-DVD drive. If they add it to the system, that’s at least another $150 on top of the $349, bringing it back to PS3 80gb pricing. Could the 60gb 360 be a part of a grand scheme to get a new Elite out the doors with a 60gb drive and built in Blu-Ray drive? The funny thing is that while Sony would make money on the deal, the 360 would now be attractive for people who just want a cheap Blu-Ray player. This in turn shift Blu-Ray sales from the PS3 camp to the 360 camp. Hey Microsoft, make up your mind already!

  • 360 Price drop for GTA IV launch and GTAIV 360 bundle


It’s been rumored that the 360 will drop to $299 when GTAIV is released. I’ll speculate that not only will the 360 drop in price by GTAIV launch, but there will also be a GTAIV bundle. Don’t believe me? Just wait!

See you next Friday for the next Davis Report.

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