The Dark Messiah of the 360

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Whispers were heard in that cold and eerie basement, a menacing thought spawned behind my mind. What was a bliss soon turned into a curse. Exploited and betrayed, I couldn’t fathom realization that was before me. “It can’t be…” I thought, “I just bought it three days ago!” Even after the hours of game play and learning to love the game that it could be, the horrorible nightmare crept into reality. My 360 console froze within a couple of hours, I reset the console. It froze again, but within minutes. Reset. That’s all I did for ten minutes. I placed another game inside, but that also froze. The discs were clean, the console was almost new. The game, Dark Messiah Might and Magic, developed a dark aura and it was one that could make kittins cry.

It wasn’t my console, for I kept it in perfect condition. Away from the tv, had enough empty space, kept it verticle. Confused and lost for a moment, until the answer was herald from another within the room.

“Hey dipshit,” he said,“it could be that Dark Messiah has some bad coding.” How true he was! There are game that have turned people’s 360s into useless and weighted tools. Could this have been the hidden problem this whole time? Could I not go back in time to stop this? Oh to have that power, I could’ve saved myself three hours from this wicked creation! Lead astray by its effort to not be like other FPS adventure games, all the while sending mix signals of promises and thrills. Now, those words are nothing but empty boats on a river, going down stream to be forgotten.

With luck and patience, I was able to travel within the virtual ruins of the 360. Only the light from my tv to guide me, I found my destination. There it was, the path towards the great halls of memory and storage. I felt the urge to not go on, for the I was far into Dark Messiah, but I knew the monster that hid behind the mask. The memory laid there before me, still and evil.

No more will I be your slave,” I thought,”this ends with only silence” The button was pressed and it was gone. No cry for another chance, nor a look back of sorrow. Only now, there is the disc, its case and a question. What shall I do with it? I could not share this curse with another, and I would not want to play it again. The only thing I could do for now is place it somewhere safe, somewhere hidden. Though there is more I will do! The ones who I have bought it from must answer!

“Amazon, I will be calling you…”

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