The Dark Below: WoW Hoax Expansion Pack

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On August 2013, World of Warcraft fans got excited when news came out regarding the possible release of a new WoW expansion called The Dark Below.


Gamers were speculating about what The Dark Below title will contain or feature. Based on the title, a number of speculations were made. One speculation point is either, the Burning Legion, or an aquatic setting that may involve the Nagas.

Those who were not convinced that it was a WoW expansion, thought, maybe it was in fact related to the upcoming Diablo 3 game. This coincided with a Blizzard teaser for Diablo 3 ?of the heavens, burning hells and all the shadowed places that lie between?.

But as the promotion for Diablo 3 went on, not a single mention of the title ?The Dark Below? was made.

Another rumor surfaced that Blizzard had trademarked the name to be use for the Warcraft game. Gamers thought it might be a new game, a world or gameplay but no one is certain.

Back then, subscribers of the World of Warcraft game was over seven million. A new expansion will not only retain the present subscribers but probably increase it.

?The Dark Below? – a Hoax

During BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard made an announcement that refutes the news about the ?The Dark Below? title. The developer also denied of ever having trademarked such title. It was only a hoax, which caused disappointment among the World of Warcraft gaming community.

The Dark Below ? It?s Real

It turns out that ?The Dark Below? title is real. It is an expansion pack ? unfortunately it?s not for the World of Warcraft.

Bungie, the creator of the Halo franchise, will launch a massive multiplayer online game called ?Destiny?. Several expansion packs have been prepared and the title of its first expansion pack is ? ?The Dark Below?. As it turns out, the game title belongs to Bungie.

So it is now confirmed that ?The Dark Below? title is real after all. The rumor can now be laid to rest, although the title belongs to a different online game, created and owned by a different game developer. ?

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