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The Dark Below, a Successful Hoax for the Gaming Community

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The Dark Below was supposed to be an expansion pack for World of Warcraft, but others speculate that it is intentionally made for Diablo 3. Players and fans were excited when they heard the news of the said release. But unfortunately, that news turned out to be a hoax.

On mid-August 2013, MMO Champion released an article on the possible new expansion for WoW or D3 titled The Dark Below. People from all over the world had no idea what this was, ?so they ?speculated that it might be the fifth expansion for the MMORPG game World of Warcraft which showed some evidence of the return of the burning legion, or maybe this could be an aquatic expansion or it has something to do with Azshara along with her Nagas. Nobody knows for sure what features this game has. Many people also assumed that this news was really intended for Diablo 3. Blizzard made a teaser announcement that will surely attract the attention ?of the heavens, burning hells and all the shadowed places that lie between?.? As it turned out, that announcement was entirely made for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on the same year, which excluded them from using the name ?The Dark Below? for their game.

It is shown in the article that apparently, blizzard trademarked the name for that game on August 2013. Many theories were made regarding the news such as, a new gameplay, new dungeon, a new world or possibly a whole new game itself.

If this speculation was true, it will surely increase the subscribers of WoW which, on that year was around 7 million in total and will truly make the fans happier and will bring some new features and or character to the game.

Representatives from Blizzard later on announced and confirmed at BlizzCon2013 in November that The Dark Below was just a hoax and they did not trademark the said name. This is no doubt a frustration for the fans of World of Warcraft as they are expecting good news from them.

What are your thoughts about this? What did you feel when you first heard this news?



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