The Curse of Naxxramas: Defeat These Bosses

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The Curse of Naxxramas will be the first expansion of the online card game Hearthstone. The list of Bosses that a player will face in this adventure is quite impressive.

Gamers of WoW will no doubt recognize most of these fifteen game bosses.

Naxxramas is the necropolis base of the human Fallen Prince and now Lich King, Arthas. The bosses are grouped into five wings.

The Arachnid Wing:

  1. Anub?Rekhan ? A Crypt Lord tasked with guarding the inner chamber of this quarter.
  2. The Grand Widow Faerlina ? The second Boss and a human expert on poisons. She takes care of the spiders in the wing.
  3. Maexxna ? A beast and solely responsible for producing the spiders that serves in the Lich King?s army.

The Plague Wing:

  1. Noth The Plaguebringer ? A human mage who became a necromancer under the Lich King in order to satisfy his lust for power.
  2. Heigan The Unclean ? An alchemist responsible for creating the undead plague that ravaged the lands of Azeroth and Lordaeron.
  3. Loatheb ? An undead swamp monster is one of the hideous results of the undead plague. He can spray his enemies with deadly spores and at the same time prevent them from being healed.

The Military Wing:

  1. Instructor Ruzuvious ? The Boss trainer for all the Death Knights serving the Lich King. Use his disciples in order to win a battle against this Boss.
  2. Gothik The Harvester ? Another Death Knight trainer who teaches the art of necromancy. You will have to fight your way through his undead creations.
  3. The Four Horsemen ? Defeat all of them and you will be rewarded with a chest full of loot.

The Construct Wing

  1. Patchwerk – A grotesque but insanely strong and fast creature armed with a giant meat clever.
  2. Grobbulus ? The first of the flesh giants, This Boss can inject the plague into the body of his enemies.
  3. Gluth ? A voracious plague-dog that feeds on zombies.
  4. Thaddius ? The last Boss in this quarter. You will have to defeat two of his commanders before facing him.

The Frostwyrm Wing

  1. Sapphiron ? An undead dragon skilled in ice magic.
  2. Kel?Thuzad ? Final Boss of Naxxramas and a very powerful necromancer.

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