The Crew is Now On Closed Beta!

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We have already heard about the upcoming Ubisoft?s open-world racing game, The Crew. And today, the game is now on closed beta. You can finally get to experience firsthand, Ubisoft?s ?CarPG?. The closed beta for The Crew is supposed to be available this July 25th. However, with a shift of a gear and? boom, the game is now out and playable.

You can now see what Ubisoft has in store for you. Ubisoft added some features to the game for?this closed beta. You can now roam familiar landmarks and landscapes while racing with the most notorious gangs in your neighborhood.

You can also check this video to see what it looks like.

While you are driving in the open-world racing game, be warned as the game might have a few bugs. The publisher stated that you might encounter a couple of bugs during missions, street races, or just your regular tour around the open-world vicinity. According to its official post, the closed beta will have missions and skill challenges that will unlock more missions and skill challenges. You will also unlock several car types. These car types are:

The Street Spec ? Detroit

The Dirt Spec ? New York

The last three specs will be unlocked during your progress in a specific instance.

The Perf Spec

The Raid Spec

The Circuit Spec

You can also play with your friends during the closed beta. The Crew allows you to challenge your friends in a skill play or race anytime. You are given access to 2 PVP lobbies where you will enter and compete against other players.

For those who are interested to play the closed beta of The Crew, you can check it in here for the steps. You also need to have your Uplay Account. The Crew is said to have no loading screen. That means you can just go on and on without having to look at repetitive artwork.


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