The Crew: Features New Content Before It’s Released

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For the past few years, we have seen and played a lot of racing games. With the advancement of GPU’s today, racing games looks even more realistic than ever. Ubisoft, on the other hand, does not want to be left behind in the racing genre. With regard to recent innovations, Ubisoft released a new open-world racing game called, The Crew.

The Crew is an open-world racing game that is developed by Ubisoft. The game itself recreates the United States’ beautiful scenery. Your goal as a racer is to gain up rep, and race through the underground racing community with Detroit’s most notorious gangs. You will be able to drive coast-to-coast across America. You will see familiar locations and landmarks, like mount Rushmore, San Francisco, and many more.

Although most of the reviews regarding The Crew stated similar features with Need For Speed franchises, that did not stop Ubisoft from releasing new content before it is launched.

According to the Creative Director of The Crew, Julian Gerightly:

?One of the things that I really want to do is to keep providing people with content after launch. Free Content just to keep people engaged in the game. I really see this as your one stop shop for action driving.?

Also, Ubisoft branded the Crew as ?World of Warcraft of racing games?. That does not sound right but according to Ubisoft, the game will be a mash up of MMO and racing games. The game will follow a central storyline and it will include certain social interactions. The Crew is a massive multiplayer online game that will be having a lot of post-launch contents and additional free contents. Well, it looks like a typical Ubisoft game filled with DLC’s and Season Passes.

It took more than 6 years to develop the game. The game is scheduled for release this fall on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.



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