The Console Wars: Microsoft Xbox Aiming on Becoming No.1

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Earlier, we discussed about how Microsoft?s Xbox was being beaten badly by Sony?s PlayStation. This doesn?t mean, though, that Microsoft is hanging up its gloves, and calling it quits, not in these console wars. They are doing the exact opposite, in fact; Microsoft is aiming to be the one on top when the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled. Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK?s marketing executive, laid out his plan for the Xbox, which includes bringing over more people to Xbox gaming and regaining the ground they lost to the PlayStation.

Microsoft?s aims aren?t simple, and it isn?t even downright easy to do. They aim to bring over more people into the gaming world through the impact delivered by their console…and in doing so, get a first-hand share of the market with those people, rather than let the PlayStation 4 convert them into becoming believers. He also said the same of the PS4, saying that as console makers, it?s both their responsibility and job to do so.

He further said that Microsoft?s ambition was to become number one once again in the gaming arena, invoking shades of when they first became number one during the last generation. The company is behind the Xbox all the way, and they aim to make this happen, he further stated.

He also praised current Xbox head Phil Spencer. He cited that when he came, Xbox gained a certain focus and a step toward the right direction. Furthermore, Eagle noted, he said that with Spencer around, things became clearer, and they knew where they needed to steer Xbox, what they needed to do, and it was on delivering great and promising games that will win them followers.

He cited that one of the biggest reasons for their success was the game Titanfall. This game has been considered by Microsoft as a game-changer, putting them in a position to catch up with the PlayStation 4. This is also a big encouragement that Microsoft?s stepping in the right direction, but it doesn?t stop there, he says. The work, indeed, is just starting.

Since it has met with the success of Titanfall, Xbox enjoyed a minor renaissance of sorts. This also includes the release of a Kinect-less package, the price drop for the UK market, an expansion of the games with Gold program, and more monthly system updates, which are currently constantly rolling out as of the present.

All these things combined, he said, has had a certain domino effect which culminated in their being able to catch up and being able to do a momentum shift. There?s still a lot of work to encourage people to buy the Xbox One, he says, but that?s something that?ll be easier with something to build upon. And with a strong lineup of games set to come out in the coming months, Microsoft?s Xbox? future is becoming brighter, hence Eagle?s optimism.

Taking a page from what Sony did, Eagle said that listening to what people have to say in social media is a big part of their commitment. He said that there are many things in which Microsoft?s Xbox One can improve upon, and if that means they have to change certain things just to meet with what people are asking for, Eagle said that they have no problems in giving that.

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