The Bitbag Editor’s Choice Award Winners

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Best Racing Game
Burnout Paradise

Best FPS Game
Resistance 2

Best RPG
Fallout 3

Best 3D Action Game
Dead Space

Best Sports Game

Best Graphics
Gears Of War 2

Best Sound
Dead Space

Best Story
Fallout 3

Best Multiplayer
Gears Of War 2

Best New Game
Dead Space

Best Developer

Best Platform Game

Best 2D Action Game
Mega Man 9

Best Family Game
Scene It

Best Fighting Game

Soul Calibur IV

Best Strategy Game
Valkyria Chronicles

Best War Game
Call Of Duty: World At War

Achievement In Excellence
Little Big Planet

Best Handheld Game
GOW: Chains Of Olympus

Game Of The Year
Metal Gear Solid 4

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