The Bigs2 Interview with Rob Nelson and Damon Purdue

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Ever wanted to know about “The Bigs 2”? Well here is your chance to get the scoop from Rob Nelson, producer of “The Bigs 2” and associate producer, Damon Purdue. They will be answering our questions about the second installment of The Bigs series. “With this licensed MLB product the game is more arcade like with over the top plays at the plate, acrobatic catches, etc. The Bigs 2 still captures the flavor of baseball, but with more action moments. Currently we have a PS3 demo and a 360 version already on the Xbox marketplace and PSN.

With “The Bigs” being a well received franchise last year how do you improve on the Franchise? According to Rob Nelson, “The development team has tweaked items, but the core game of “The Bigs” is still the same. The controls are the same from the first game, as they are functional, and easy to pick up and grasp. Due to feedback on the controls, they were a bit twitchy and off, the Wii pitching and base running have been redone.

David(BB): What visions were set in place for “The Bigs 2”?

Rob Nelson(2K): “The key was to find balance between simulation and arcade”.

David: Does “The Bigs 2” give a better experience for the arcade players, or the simulation players?

Rob Nelson: We are not trying to go for one side or the other, but to give sport gamers a fun experience”.

David: What are three big elements that separate “The Bigs” from “The Bigs 2”?

Rob Nelson: “With “The Bigs 2”, it has a full season mode, signature catch mode and the new wheelhouse feature”.

David: What’s the most improved feature in “The Bigs 2”?

Rob Nelson: Gameplay in general has been improved with lots of minor tweaks and fixes to make for a better experience for gamers”.

David: How did Prince Fielder get chosen for the cover of “The Bigs 2”?

Rob Nelson: Prince was chosen because he is a huge player, with great skills and he is up and coming which reflects “The Bigs” franchise in general.

David: Who will be featured in the soundtrack?

Rob Nelson: Disturbed, Pantera, Korn and many other great artists.

David: What mini-games will be available at launch in “The Bigs 2”?.

Rob Nelson: Speed mini-game – racing along the rooftops at Wrigley field, catch outside the ballpark, Home run pinball mini-game which is also in co-op environments in Pinball include Las Vegas, Tokyo and many more. But speed and catch games are offline multiplayer only.

David: Were developers surprised by the success of Home Run Pinball?”

Rob Nelson: No they felt they had made a great mini-game.

David: How has the career mode been improved?

Rob Nelson: “instead of one year, it is the entire player career. It will change the flow that you are looking for in the character. The power up system makes a big impact in the career mode, so not just going for the guy with the best stats, but look for players that enhance your team’s style unique challenges for your characters. At the end of the career, you will play some challenges against some legendary characters from baseball.

David: How will boss battles work?

Rob Nelson: “you will have to beat a strong player that may come into the game. For example, Dennis Eckersley comes into the close of the game, and you have to beat him when I say beat him you will have to perform better than the other teams boss character.

David: When you play in Mexican leagues, will you play as real Hispanic players from those leagues?

Rob Nelson: No those leagues are completely fantasy”.

David: Will there be any downloadable content?

Rob Nelson: “No not at this time “

David: Thanks for your time, looking forward to the next updates, and great speaking to you both.

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