The Big Short Trailer Released: All Star Cast Wows In Short Clip, Plot And Release Date Revealed!

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The new trailer for ?The Big Short? just came out, and with an all-star cast in the line-up, this movie could rake in more than it can bargain for. Written and directed by Adam McKay (Anchorman), this factual comedy centers on the events leading up to the financial crisis and how a group of individuals set to make a profit out of a very bad situation.

The movie stars power celebrities including Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell, who portrays as ?key players in the creation of the credit default swap market,? shared by the Independent. Other celebrities include Marisa Tomei, Karen Gillan, Selena Gomez, and Rafe Spall.

Adam McKay was able to have an interview with Entertainment Weekly to share what it was like filming with some of the best. ?There?s such a difference between people that are establishing themselves and people that are established,? he said. ?These guys are all so successful that they most of all just appreciate each other. So there were no real feeling of competition or territorialism going on, but there was a feeling of everyone?s got to be on their game because everyone respects everyone around them.

?It was really about the characters, and that?s what drew me to it,? he said, ?this idea that we sort of picked the wrong heroes, that the people we need to be listening to are the ones who don?t make eye contact, the ones with a bad haircut, the ones who don?t dress well. That?s what I loved about it,? McKay added in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

?The Big Short? is based on a non-fiction book about the events of the financial crisis, according to the Independent. ?I knew that I had to explain these financial instruments, but I also knew that if these characters were strong, and you understood their perspective, they could carry us through it,? McKay said.

?The Big Short? will open in cinemas on December.

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