The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Bert wins MacArthur Genius Fellowship Grant

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The ninth scene of The Big Bang Theory Season 10, The Geologist Elevation, is rumored to test Sheldon Cooper’s rational soundness. Why? Or, better yet, how?

In the latest Big Bang Theory Spoilers, Sheldon seems to be jealous of?Bert?s recent achievement. The latter, as shown in the video clip, scored a huge research grant. How much did Bert get?

The Big Bang Theory: Oh hail Bert!

Talk about one in a million chance, Bert (guest star Brian Posehn) won the $500,000 MacArthur Genius Fellowship Grant. But, not everybody is happy about it.

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According to iTech Post, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) just can?t handle the thought that someone he considers mediocre (and inferior compared to him) did, in fact, performed better this time. Holding a rock in his hand, Sheldon rants: ?If rock is so great, how can paper beat it??

Well, obviously, Sheldon refers to Bert as the rock while the paper is believed to be Sheldon. Bert is Amy?s (Mayim Bailik) teammate who works as a geologist at Caltech.

The Big Bang Theory: Oh hail Sheldon?

Nonetheless, Sheldon still got the ace; the Trump card; the upper hand; the last laugh. Whatever it is, Bert is also jealous about it!

Big Bang Theory Spoilers

Amy. Yes, Amy. Sheldon has Amy. Actually, after six years of ?drought? (pun intended), Sheldon asked Amy to have sex! The Morning Ledger reported that he, apparently, decided it was the right time for him and Amy to have kids. Will they finally procreate?

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At the moment, Sheldon is really ruined by the fact that Bert beat him. He calls for Leonard (Johnny Galecki) to comfort him. Heading back to Apartment 4B, Sheldon is already hysterical and shouting.

?I was trying to let go of anger and throw a rock on my foot!? he says.

The Big Bang Theory airs every Thursday at 8 pm on CBS.

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