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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Opener: Leonard And Penny Wedding Is Emotional, Don?t Miss Penny?s Vows!

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After eight seasons of wondering when Leonard and Penny will officially get hitched, the time has finally arrived. The sweet couple officially tied the knot during the season nine premier of ?The Big Bang Theory.? While they have taken their relationship to another level, it seems that their marriage have gone to a bad start.

Lead actor Johnny Galecki and showrunner Steve Molaro were able to talk about the premier episode of ?The Big Bang Theory? during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Molaro stated how the episode was a surprising start for him and how Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, was amazing doing the wedding scene.

?It was great. It?s a rocky episode for them but I wanted to make sure that the actual wedding moment was satisfying, sweet and lovely, which I think it was,? Molaro said. ?We were all pretty happy with how it turned out ? especially with Penny?s vows. Kaley did a great job with them. I was so excited about that scene and she came through and more,? he added in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Johnny Galecki on the other hand, was pretty happy on how things turned out between Leonard and Penny. ?It was emotional. I love both of these characters, as Kaley does, and we?re very protective of them,? Galecki said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. ?We?re the biggest fans and we?ve been rooting for them for a long time and it was time to pull the trigger after talking about it for so long.?

Asked if there will be any sort of formal reception, Molaro exclaimed, ?There are no plans as of yet. The guys all got to see it on the internet and that?s good enough for now. I feel like an actual wedding happened.? Catch season nine of ?The Big Bang Theory? on CBS every Monday.

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