The Big Bang Theory Season 10 News & Spoilers: What is Baby Wolowitz’s Name?

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The Big Bang Theory Season 10

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 is giving its fans all the fuzzy feelings as they?re finally set to take a peek of Howard and Bernadette Wolowitz?s baby. And with that said, people already has a follow-up question in mind: ?What?s the name of the baby??

Because The Bitbag is just so generous, it wouldn?t let its readers close this article without actually revealing the new born Wolowitz. And just so you know, it?s the cutest name ever.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Welcomes a New Wolowitz Member

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 11 is entitled ?The Birthday Synchronicity? as the birth of the Wolowitz baby occurs on the same date of Amy?s birthday.

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And ?thanks to spoilers, it has been revealed that the name of Howard and Bernadette’s baby is HALLIE (Awwwwwwwwww!) Just hearing it makes everybody feel good inside. In spite of all the fun, Howard will be having ?father issues? over Hallie, since he grew up without a dad.

But since it?s not just about Hallie?s birthday, the episode will also revolve around Amy?s birthday sex celebration. However, Amy doesn?t seem to be having a happy birthday for herself.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10

Unfortunately,?Amy?s big event is concurrent to Hallie?s even bigger event. Everybody just seems to be distracted over the fact that Bernadette gave birth to Hallie. Amy’s?birthday bash is also on the verge of getting canceled because of it. So fans can expect Amy to be disappointed in the entire episode.

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Howard reunites with his father

On the other hand, there are speculations that the episode will also be a way for Howard and his father to finally get together. Rumor has it that Howard will be informing his father about Hallie?s birth. Because of this,?there will be a probability that the two will see each other again.

In February, Steve Molaro, the executive producer of The Big Bang Theory opened up the possible reunion of Howard and his dad. And how the birth of his baby might just be the cause of their reunion.

As per GameNGuide, Molaro said that they will not be featuring the event of the birth of Hallie; as it?s usually seen in other TV series. So instead, the creators decided to show what usually happens before the delivery of the baby.

Fans better get their tissues ready for The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 11 which airs on Thursday, December 15, 2016, on CBS.

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